Green Line

Economical construction solution with a long lifespan of individual components whilst maintaining a good cutting quality.

High added value of this design solution is a low price and therefore a quick investment return even in case the client plans to use the machine only for his own needs. This economical solution is designed for smaller operations or companies where the technologies are often moved. The desk is already designed and mounted with the assembly preparation – the standard installation is also manageable for the customer. As a standard equipment in this CNC line are also ball bolts mounted to each axis. The travels are integrated on abrasives catcher. Lowering the costs is the reason why we produce only 3 basic dimensions of this cutting desk. 1x2 m, 1,25x2,5 m and 1,5x3 m (which are made for common tin plates formats). This technology is transported to a customer as a whole assembly.
0,1 - 15.000 mm/min 1.500 x 3.000 200 mm standard* +/- 0,04 mm +/- 0,03 mm 1; 1-2
* On customer’s demand optional dimension up to 350 mm
  • Integrated travels on an abrasive catcher (smaller outside dimension and higher mechanics toughness)
  • All axes (X,Y,Z) are equipped with directly driven ball bolts
  • Crossing speed 15 m/min
  • Working speed 0,1-15000 mm/min
  • Accuracy of positioning 0,03 mm
  • Z axis has a stroke up to 200 mm
  • Simple cover aperture
  • Covering-guard of the desk made of plastic or stainless steel
  • Electronic abrasives feeder enables a smooth regulation from CNC programme
  • Pressure abrasive convey of 92 kg capacity
  • No installation at customer’s
  • Second cutting head
  • Stainless abrasive catcher
  • Height sensors
  • Intelligent nesting for automatic folding of cutting plans
  • Air-conditioning and cooling of high pressure pump
  • Water treatment with reverse osmosis
  • Programming software IGEMS
  • Single chamber desludging system for permanent operation
  • Bi-direction of high pressure pump with CNC desk with gradual pressure regulation from CNC programme with feedback with screening on the control system monitor.
  • Web camera for monitoring the cutting jet
  • Installation at customer’s
  • Laser measuring cross
  • Pressure convey of abrasives with volume 1,000 kg and connection to the control system
  • 3D cutting system RT 15 – Basic
  • Green-line
  • Jet-line
  • blueline
  • chmeleon_kamen
  • kotva
  • motylci
  • podkova
  • redline-01
  • redline-02


  • Waterjet cutting

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Hradec Králové

  • Company headquarters
  • Manufacturing of CNC waterjet cutting desks
  • Waterjet cutting

Rychlý TOM, s.r.o.
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503 03 Smiřice

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