At the moment Rychlý TOM Inc. is a stabilized company which works towards its development in the field of dividing of materials with a waterjet. We have put on the market 125 technologies so far. Our company offers waterjet cutting service and dividing of materials on demand, we sell spares and consumable material as well. Our business and activity is developed in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

Green Line

Blue Line

Red Line

Jet line

Micro line

  • Green-line
  • Jet-line
  • blueline
  • chmeleon_kamen
  • kotva
  • motylci
  • podkova
  • redline-01
  • redline-02


  • Waterjet cutting

Rychlý TOM, s.r.o.
Rybářská ulice
753 61 Drahotuše

+420 602 605 032


Hradec Králové

  • Company headquarters
  • Manufacturing of CNC waterjet cutting desks
  • Waterjet cutting

Rychlý TOM, s.r.o.
Výrava 80
503 03 Smiřice

+420 602 119 137


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