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Rychlý TOM Inc. has decided to reconstruct VT pump SL-VI 50 OEM to its own pups and therefore offer its customers high-quality pumps for a very good price. Constructional solution enables to offer our clients a few models of this pump. By adding an additional equalizing cylinder it is possible to upgrade common SL-VI 50 STD-RT pump into SL-VI 50PLUS-RT pump or a higher series SL-VI 60PRO-RT.


KMT WATERJET SYSTEMS offers a multiplier for installation into a complete system. Multipliers SL-VI 50 OEM are designed for users who prefer their own projects and control system of the pump production, including shutting off when the machine overstrikes, overheats, loses water pressure, etc. SL-VI 50 OEM pump is designed directly for application operations which require more efficient cutting.


Rychlý TOM Inc. equips this pump type with its own control system with a touch screen, which enables quick and transparent pump control. It is also possible to connect the pump with a CNC technology system and enables the operator to control the pump and the other technology from one spot. We can of course mount a remote pump diagnostics for making service response easier. It spares money as well as time.*
*According to pump configuration


Into this pump we can also mount an air conditioning (with a possibility of combination with water cooling) for cooling the hydraulic oil. Both systems are cooperating and regarding to conditions there is an automatic switch over – it ensures a reliable cooling and pump operation without any problems.

Technické paramery

  SL-VI 50Plus-RT1 SL-VI 50STD-RT2
Motor output 37 kW / 50 hp 37 kW / 50 hp
Pressure range 500 – 4.136 bar 500 – 3.800 bar
Max. flow range at max. pressure 4,1 l/min 4,1 l/min
Multiplier design HSEC 20 HSEC 20
Label according to EC regulations about machine devices CE label CE label
Max. number of nozzles at max. Pressure
Nozzle size when cutting with clean water Nozzle size when cutting with abrasives
  0,10 0,12 0,15  0,17



1 12 8 5 4



2 12 8 5 4






Motor output

45 kW / 60 hp

Pressure range

800 – 6.200 bar

Max. flow rate at max. pressure

3,4 l/min

Multiplier design HSEC 20
Label according to EC regulation about machine devices CE label
  • Green-line
  • Jet-line
  • blueline
  • chmeleon_kamen
  • kotva
  • motylci
  • podkova
  • redline-01
  • redline-02


  • Waterjet cutting

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