ECOTRON® high pressure pump design is optimized for water jet cutting manufacturers.


The basic design of this high pressure pump includes a complete hydraulic drive unit with oil/air or water cooler, high pressure intensifier, accumulator and bleed down valve. The operating pressure is controlled by proportional valve and continuously adjustable via the touch panel between 50 and 400 MPa. All hydraulic and high pressure components are mounted on a base frame and covered by a sound insulated housing. The electric control is installed inside a switch box attached to the basic frame of the pump.


Oil/air as well as oil/water coolers are available as standard and are installed on the base frame inside the pump housing. If the ambient temperature is lower than 35°C, an air cooler may be used. This eliminates the entire cooling water requirements. For higher temperatures the water cooler is available. Cooling water flow is controlled via thermostat.


This pressure release valve is installed within the high pressure line of the pump. The valve is activated via the stop button or the emergency stop circuit. In addition it can be controlled externally, e.g. if needed for the piercing process with abrasive waterjet.


The switch box is directly mounted at the base frame of the pump. Control is done via the integrated touch screen Operating pressure of all ECOTRON® high pressure pump is continuously adjustable between 50 and 400 MPa. All warnings and monitoring functions are displayed in clear text. Operating data are recorded and can be retrieved via the screen.


The hydraulic unit is characterized by highly dynamic controls. Use of a soft-switch hydraulic valve with specially designed control geometry guarantees extremely short switch-over times. Oil filtering and cooling take place via axial piston pump of the hydraulic drive. The excellent oil quality this achieves has a positive influence on operational safety and the life expectancy of the whole hydraulic system.


Depending on the flow rate of the pump, the integrated accumulator has a large volume of up to 2.49 litres. This reduces pressure fluctuations to a minimum and thus prevents wear of the high pressure system.


The switch box id directly mounted to the base frame of the pump. The pump is controlled via the integrated touch screen. Operating pressure of ECOTRON® high pressure pump is continuously adjustable between 50 and 400 MPa. All warnings and monitoring functions are displayed in clear text. Operating data are recorded and can be retrieved via the screen.


The high pressure components in the intensifier are characterized by a long life span. Besides the special stainless steels development specifically for this application, a large plunger diameter and a long stroke – both help to achieve a longer life span as well. Thanks to the special flange design and externally accessible check valves, the intensifier is easy to maintain. Wear-out parts such as seals and check valves can be replaced quickly and easily.


The feed water line is equipped with an on/off valve. If the pump is stopped, the water stops flowing as well. The fitted pre-filtering unit with 5 µm and 12 µm filters guarantees an optimum feed water supply. If the water pressure is lower than 0,3 MPa an optional booster pump is available to increase the water pressure.


Electronic pressure adjustment via proportional valve is a standard. On the operating panel, there are two different pressure settings (piercing and cutting pressure). The switch-over between these two pressures can be done internally as well as externally via a digital signal. Working pressure is adjustable directly on the operating panel at the pump via external analogue signal from 0 up to 10V.


All important functions van be remotely controlled. External connectors are available for start/stop, emergency stop circuit, bleed-down valve, malfunction, and operating messages. Operating pressure setting is done via 0 to 10V signal. There are also multiple-voltage and multiple-frequency motors for ECOTRON® series of high pressure pump available on request.


  40.30 40.37
Motor outputu 30 kW / 40 hp 45 kW / 60 hp
Pressure range 500 – 4000 bar 500 – 4000 bar
Max. flow rate at max. pressure 3,1 l/min 3,8 l/min
Multipler design Quick change Quick change
Label according to EC regulation about machine devices CE label CE label
Max. number of nozzles at max. pressure
Nozzle size when cutting with clean water Nozzle size when cutting with abrasives
  0,10 0,12 0,15 0,17



1 16 10 7 5 2 1
1 7 5 4 3



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