WRYKRYS is CAD/CAM software for a technological preparation of the production on the burning and cutting CNC machines. A well-arranged man-machine interface makes the work easy, intuitive and effective at the same time. Programme control can be easily mastered by beginner.


Main screen of the programme serves for making assemblies, a toolbar carries a wide range of tools for the manipulation itself as well as for making the production process ideally effective. To achieve a higher effectivity, there is a wide range of technological functions.

< class="sppb-addon-title" style="">SIDE PANEL

Apart from communication with an intern databank bids the side panel a large selection of macros (predefined shapes) including the function of making your own. Other useful functions are DXF and DWG input, and the possibility of working with the rest of the sheet for a maximal use of your material.

< class="sppb-addon-title" style="">AUTOMATIC NESTING

Matter of course is a function for an automatic nesting with a possibility of setting of any parts or materials. The results are the blueprints of setting of individual compositions, which are free to use for the result calculation. After few more technological adjustments it is also possible to use directly for the production.

< class="sppb-addon-title" style="">CAD SYSTEM

WRYKRYS programme contents also an intern CAD system. There is possible to create your own blueprints or partially edit loaded DXF/DWG files with standard tools. Apart from usual drawing tools you can find there specialized functions for dividing blueprints, addition, adjustment of the scale etc. You can dimension and print the blueprint with its dimensions.

< class="sppb-addon-title" style="">AIRMOD MODULE

Part of WRYKRYS is also an Airmod module for working with air-handling systems. If the maker menu is not sufficient for you, you can also establish your own pipe system with your own intersections and WRKRS will create for you a developed shape for the production.

< class="sppb-addon-title" style="">FEATURES AND ASSETS OF WRYKRYS PROGRAMME
  • Well-arranged man-machine interface suitable even for those, who have never worked with CAD/CAM programmes before.
  • Importing of the commonly used formats *.dxf and *.dwg
  • A wide range of macros for an easier making of basic drafts and blueprints
  • Automatic nesting of any shapes
  • Composition calculation – calculation pf time and price for a better production organisation and minimizing the costs
  • The possibility of creating the sheet and later use of the rest of the sheet for a maximal use of material
  • Multi-language
  • Price-reduced web licence for more stations
  • Green-line
  • Jet-line
  • blueline
  • chmeleon_kamen
  • kotva
  • motylci
  • podkova
  • redline-01
  • redline-02


  • Waterjet cutting

Rychlý TOM, s.r.o.
Rybářská ulice
753 61 Drahotuše

+420 602 605 032


Hradec Králové

  • Company headquarters
  • Manufacturing of CNC waterjet cutting desks
  • Waterjet cutting

Rychlý TOM, s.r.o.
Výrava 80
503 03 Smiřice

+420 602 119 137


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