Collision sensor is an additional device designed for a higher protection of a cutting head against the side collision when shifting the head. It is designed for GREEN LINE, BLUE LINE and RED LINE with 2D and a tilting head (not for PAC 60 system). In collision sensor there is a laser cross integrated as well. Its output is 10 mW. It was designed for a better visibility on daylight. It serves the CNC operators for an easier zero cutting-points settings of a G-programme.
  • Mechanical collision sensor protecting the nozzle against a collision with a material
  • The technology can be in operation even when the operator is not present
  • Another possibility is an integrated laser collimator


This device is designed for a 100% compatibility with the height sensor function. There is a sufficient gap between the shoulder of the collision sensor and the disc of the height sensor. When the ring collides with the shoulder of the collision sensor, the electronic induction sensor with an expansion characteristic sends a message into the control computer. The computer stops every motion and announces an informational report about the collision state activation. After resetting and eliminating the cause of collision it is possible to continue in operation.
  • Green-line
  • Jet-line
  • blueline
  • chmeleon_kamen
  • kotva
  • motylci
  • podkova
  • redline-01
  • redline-02


  • Waterjet cutting

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