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At the moment Rychlý TOM Inc. is a stabilized company which works towards its development in the field of dividing of materials with a waterjet.
We have put on the market 125 technologies so far. Our company offers waterjet cutting service and dividing of materials on demand, we sell spares and consumable material as well. Our business and activity is developed in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.


Rychlý TOM Company was established in the year 2006 and started working in the field of high pressure waterjet cutting of arbitrary material. Our business idea and work was based on rich previous experience in this field. Apart from waterjet cutting we also have been also distributing spares, preparations for waterjet cutting, abrasives and waterjet cutting machines service. By the end of the year 2006 one of our customers made a request: He wanted us to make a waterjet cutting machine for him.

In spring 2007 was this discussion successfully closed, our first CNC technology for waterjet cutting RT line was made. Next obvious step in our business was to establish a workshop and to manufacture and install new complete CNC cutting desks. This step has extended business activities of the company Rychlý TOM, Inc. By the end of 2007 there have been two more CNC technologies made and sold. It is established a close cooperation with KMT Waterjet Systems Inc., which is producing waterjet technologies and desks worldwide.

The year 2008 was a ground-breaking period for our company. We have launched a full capacity operation and opened a new detached workshop in Hranice na Moravě. This workshop however is focused only on dividing materials with waterjet. By the end of 2008 our company moved from rented workshop in Hradec Králové to a new one in Výrava. This workshop is now owned by our company. We focus especially on waterjet cutting services as well as on manufacturing CNC technologies.

Photograph Výrava 1918-1928


We are a stable company with well-established operation which are tailored to meet our clients request in the field of machining and dividing different materials with high pressure waterjet.

Our aim is to create a pleasant environment for our customers, to meet their requests mainly by precise service of our machines, but also by supply needed spares and consumes as quick as possible to enable continuous use of this technology. We have sold 125 machines so far and the number still grows. Our activity is developed not only in our home land but also abroad, where has, our company placed several complete desks CNC for machining by dividing materials with high pressure waterjet. We establish close cooperation with our suppliers and therefore we are able to create good price and access conditions.

We offer guidance in the field of CNC technologies funding. When processing an order, we use our long-time practical experience with waterjet cutting as well as latest waterjet technology findings and trends in dividing materials.

We strive for maximum quality and minimum further costs. Our goal is our customer’s satisfaction. We focus on purchase latest machines, maintaining and continuous increasing of quality including shortening completion dates. We of course provide logistics arranged with transporting companies. Our service however does not end with transport and installation. We also provide a warranty and also a service of machines no longer under warranty. Our service is executed by permanently available highly educated and trained technicians.


The company Rychlý TOM Inc. strives to put great emphasis on development in all areas of our activity in order to be able to adjust to the development of market as quickly as possible, to new and more needs of our customers, increase of demands and expectations of our homeland as well as foreign clients. Newly established development centre enables our company Rychlý TOM Inc. to apply our own experience form the field of dividing materials with a waterjet to our technologies. It will enable us to quickly adjust to our clients’ needs and demands. Investments into a new transporting department will give us a sufficient capacity and flexibility to meet our client’s needs in the field of supply of spares and consumables. Constantly rising demands on goods and service quality, expert guidance, precision and speed of supply will be only a highly adjustable, flexible and trained company able to fulfil. Rychlý TOM Inc. is every day in contact with its clients and strives to become a better company every day.

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Rychlý TOM, s.r.o.
Rybářská ulice
753 61 Drahotuše

+420 602 605 032


Hradec Králové

  • Company headquarters
  • Manufacturing of CNC waterjet cutting desks
  • Waterjet cutting

Rychlý TOM, s.r.o.
Výrava 80
503 03 Smiřice

+420 602 119 137


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